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Revised Subclass HM (Sociology)

The following revision of subclass HM, approved at the weekly CPSO editorial meeting on February 3, 1999, replaces the former numbers HM1-299. The former numbers will continue to be used only to class new continuations of serials that are already classed in those numbers.

The text of this revised subclass will also be published in LC Classification: Additions and Changes, List 273 (January-March 1999).

The Library of Congress began applying this revised subclass to newly cataloged materials on February 8, 1999.


                    Class here works that are primarily theoretical in 

                     orientation.  Class empiricial works, including 

                     those limited to specific places, in HN.

                    Many topics provided for here represent concepts also

                     encompassed by the discipline of ethnology in GN301-

                     GN673.  In cases of overlap, the following principle

                     should normally apply, unless specific instructions

                     are made to the contrary:  Class here works that

                     deal principally with modern civilization.  For

                     works that deal with the nature of human societies

                     in general, as well as works that deal specifically

                     with preliterate and/or folk societies, see GN301-



       (1-299)      [Obsolete numbers]

                    Periodicals.  Serials

       401            International or polyglot

       403            American and English

       405            French

       407            German

       409            Spanish

       411            Russian

       413            Chinese

       415            Japanese

       417.A-Z        Other languages, A-Z

       419          Societies

                        Cf. H10+, Social sciences

       421          Congresses

                    Collected works (nonserial), see HM585+

       425          Dictionaries.  Encyclopedias

       427          Terminology.  Abbreviations.  Notation

       429          Directories

                    History of sociology.  History of sociological theory

                        For the social history of individual countries,

                          see HN1+

       435            General works

                      By period

       437              Ancient

       439              Medieval

       441              Modern to 1700

       443              18th century

       445              19th century

                        20th century

       447                General works

       449                Postmodernism

       451                Post-industrial society

                      Schools of sociology.  Schools of social thought

       461              General works

                        Special schools

                            For biography, see HM478+

       463                Chicago school

       465                Durkheimian school

       467                Frankfurt school

                          Marxian school

                              Cf. HX542, Communism/socialism and society

       471                  General works

       473                  Austro-Marxist school

       477.A-Z        By region or country, A-Z


       478            Collective

       479.A-Z        Individual, A-Z

                    Theory.  Method.  Relations to other subjects


                        General works, see HM585+

                        Special theories

       481                Ethnomethodology

       484                Functionalism.  Functional analysis. 

                            Structural-functional analysis

                              Cf. HM701, Social systems

       487                Historical sociology

                              Cf. HM551, Relation to history and geography

                              Cf. HM831, Social change

       490                Macrosociology

       491                Microsociology

       494                Phenomenological sociology

       497                Social conflict.  Conflict theory

                              Cf. HM1121, Social psychology

       499                Symbolic interactionism 


       511              General works

       514              Experiments

                        Field work

                            Cf. GN346+, Ethnology

       517                General works

       520                Participant observation

       523              Information theory

       526              Interviewing

                        Mathematical sociology.  Quantitative methods

                            For special applications, see the field of


       529                General works

       531                Data processing

       533                Sociometry

                              Cf. HM741, Social networks

       535                Statistical methods

                              Cf. HN25, Social indicators

       537              Questionnaires

       538              Social surveys.  Survey method

                            Cf. HN29, Social history

       545            Relation to anthropology

                      Relation to art, see N72.S6

                      Relation to communism/socialism, see HX542

       548            Relation to economics

                      Relation to education, see LC189+

                      Relation to epistemology, see BD175

                      Relation to ethics, see BJ51

                      Relation to folklore, see GR42.6

       551            Relation to history and geography

                          Cf. HM487, Historical sociology

                      Relation to law.  Sociological jurisprudence. 

                        Sociology of law, see K103.S63

                      Relation to leisure, see GV14.45

                      Relation to linguistics.  Sociolinguistics, see P40+

                      Relation to literature, see PN51

                      Relation to medicine, see RA418+

                      Relation to philosophy, see B63

                      Relation to political science.  Political sociology, 

                        see JA76

                      Relation to psychology, see BF57

                      Relation to religion, see BL60

                      Relation to science, see Q175.4+

       554            Relation to war

                    Communication of information

       561            General works

       563            Information services

       567            Computer network resources.  Computer networks

                          Including the Internet

                    Study and teaching.  Research

                        For study and teaching at the elementary school

                          level, see LB1584+

       571            General works

       573            Audio-visual aids

       575            Problems, exercises, examinations

                      By region or country

       577              United States

       578.A-Z          Other regions or countries, A-Z

                    Museums.  Exhibitions

       581            General works

       582.A-Z        By region or country, A-Z

                    General works


       585              General works

       586              Textbooks

                            Including outlines, syllabi, etc.

       588            French

       590            German

       592            Dutch

       594            Italian

       596            Portuguese

       598            Spanish

       600            Russian

       602            Chinese

       604            Japanese

       606.A.Z        Other languages, A-Z

       608          Juvenile works

                    Applied sociology, see HN29.5

                    Rural sociology, see HT401+

                    Urban sociology, see HT101+


                        Cf. GN357+, Culture and cultural processes

                        Cf. CB, History of civilization

       621            General works

       623            Study and teaching.  Research.  Cultural studies

                      Cultural evolution.  Social evolution 

                          Cf. JC336, Social and evolutionary theories of

                            the state

                          Cf. HM831, Social change

       626              General works

       628              Sociobiology

                            Cf. GN365.9, Ethnology

       631              Social Darwinism

       636            Human body

       641            Ideology

                          Cf. B823.3, Philosophy

       646            Subculture.  Counter culture

       651            Sociology of knowledge

                          Cf. BD175, Epistemology

       656            Time

                          Cf. GN469.5, Ethnology

                    Social control

                        Cf. GN493+, Ethnology

                        Cf. HM1176+, Social influence and social pressure

       661            General works

       665            Social ethics

                          Cf. GN468.7, Ethnology

       671            Social justice

       676            Social norms

       681            Social values

                          Cf. GN469, Ethnology

       683            Social integration

                      Socialization.  Enculturation

                          Cf. GN510, Ethnology

                          Cf. HM841, Acculturation

                          Cf. HM1176, Social influence

                          Cf. HQ783, Child development

                          Cf. LC192.4, Education

       686              General works

                        Social skills

       691                General works

       696                Social adjustment

                              Cf. RC455.4.S67, Psychiatry

       701          Social systems

                        Cf. GN478+, Ethnology

       706          Social structure

                    Groups and organizations

       711            General works

                      Social groups.  Group dynamics

       716              General works

                        Age groups.  Peer groups

                            For specific age groups, see HQ

       721                General works

       726                Intergenerational relations. Conflict of


                        Kinship, see GN487+

                        Men, see HQ1088-HQ1090.7

                        Women, see HQ1101-HQ2030.7

                        Social classes, see HT601-HT1444

       728              Intellectuals

       731              Reference groups

       736              Small groups

       741              Social networks

                            Cf. HM533, Sociometry

                        Subculture, see HM646

                        Work groups, see HD66

                        Group decision making

                            Cf. HB846.8, Social choice

       746                General works

       751                Group facilitation

                        Group relations training, see HM1086


                          Cf. HN49.C6, Community development

       756              General works

                        Community life

       761                General works

       766                Community organization

       771                Social participation

                        Community power

                            Cf. HM1256, Social psychology

       776                General works

       781                Community leadership

                              Cf. HM1261, Social psychology

                      Organizational sociology.  Organization theory

       786              General works

       791              Organizational behavior.  Organizational culture

                            Cf. HD58.7, Management

       796              Organizational change and development

                            Cf. HD58.8, Management

       801              Organizational effectiveness

                            Cf. HD58.9, Management

       806              Bureaucracy

                            Cf. HD38.4, Management

                            Cf. JF1501, Public administration

                    Deviant behavior.  Social deviance

                        Cf. HM1246, Conformity

       811            General works

       816            Anomie

                      Criminal behavior, criminal justice, see HV

       821          Social stratification.  Social inequality.  Equality

                        Cf. JC575, Political theory

                      Social classes, see HT601-HT1444

                      Race (Ethnology), see GN495.4-GN498

                      Race (Sociology), see HT1501-HT1595

                      Sex role, see HQ1075

                      Sex discrimination against women, sexual harassment

                        of women, sexism, see HQ1237 

                      Sex discrimination in employment and sexual

                        harassment in the workplace, see HD6060+ 

                      Age discrimination, ageism, see HQ1060-HQ1064

       826          Social institutions

                      Economic institutions, see HB-HJ

                      Education, see L

                      Family, see HQ

                      Health and medicine, see R

                      Political institutions, see J

                      Religious institutions, see BL-BX

                    Social change

       831            General works


       836              General works

                        Acculturation.  Culture contact

                            Cf. GN366, Ethnology

                            Cf. HM1211, Intercultural communication

       841                General works

       843                Assimilation

                              Cf. GN367, Ethnology

                        Technological innovations.  Technology

                            Cf. CB478, Technology and civilization

                            Cf. T14.5, Impact of technology on modern


       846                General works

       851                Information technology.  Information society


       856                General works

                          Environmental sciences, see GE

                          Human ecology, see GF

       861                Social ecology

                        Population and demography, see HB848-HB3697

                        Urbanization, see HT

                        Collective behavior.  Mass behavior

       866                General works

       871                Crowds

                              Cf. HV6474-HV6485, Riots, unlawful

                                assemblies, and mobs

       876                Revolutions

                              Cf. JC491, Political change

       881                Social movements

       886                Violence

                              Cf. GN495.2, Ethnology

                              Cf. HM1116, Social psychology

                              Cf. JC328.6, Political violence

       891            Progress

                          Cf. CB, History of civilization

       892            Degeneration.  Regression

       896            Social stability

       901            Social prediction.  Social forecasting

                          For social forecasts by place, see HN

                    Social psychology

      1001            Periodicals.  Serials

      1003            Societies   

      1005            Congresses

      1007            Dictionaries.  Encyclopedias

      1009            Terminology.  Abbreviations.  Notation

      1011            Theory.  Method

                      Communication of information

      1013              General works

      1015              Information services

      1017              Computer network resources.  Computer networks

                            Including the Internet

                      Study and teaching.  Research

      1019              General works

                        By region or country

      1021                United States

      1023.A-Z            Other regions or countries, A-Z


      1025              General works

      1027.A-Z          By region or country, A-Z


      1029              Collective

      1031.A-Z          Individual, A-Z

      1033            General works

      1035            Juvenile works

                      Social perception.  Social cognition

                          Cf. BF323.S63, Psychology

      1041              General works

      1046              Perception of the self

                            Cf. BF697, Psychology

      1051                General works

      1056                Self-perception.  Self-awareness.  Self-concept. 

                            Self image.  Self-understanding

                              Cf. BF697.5.S43, Psychology

      1061                  Self-esteem

                                Cf. BF697.5.S46, Psychology

                                Cf. BJ1533.S3, Ethics

      1066                Self-presentation

                              Cf. BF697.5.S44, Psychology

                        Perception of others

      1071                General works

      1076                Attribution

      1081                Impression formation

      1086                Group relations training.  Consciousness raising

                            groups.  Encounter groups.  Sensitivity

                            training.  T-groups

      1091                Prejudices

                              Cf. BF575.P9, Psychology

      1096                Stereotype

                              Cf. BF323.S63, Psychology

      1101                Risk.  Risk assessment.  Risk perception

                      Interpersonal relations.  Social behavior

                          Cf. HM716, Social groups

                          Cf. HM771, Social participation

      1106              General works

      1111              Social interaction

                            Including social exchange

                        Aggressiveness.  Aggression.  Aggressive behavior. 


                            Cf. HM886, Social change

                            Cf. BF175.5.A36, Psychoanalysis

                            Cf. BF575.A3, Psychology

                            Cf. RC569.5.A34, Aggressiveness as a personality


                            Cf. RC569.5.V55, Violence as a personality


      1116                General works

                          Interpersonal conflict.  Interpersonal

                            confrontation.  Social conflict

                              Cf. BF637.I48, Psychology

                              Cf. HT601-HT1444, Social classes

      1121                  General works

      1126                  Conflict management

                                Cf. HM1281, Nonviolence

                        Alienation.  Disaffection.  Estrangement.

                          Social distance.  Social isolation

                            Cf. HM816, Anomie

      1131                General works

      1136                Marginality  

                        Help-seeking behavior

      1141                General works

      1146                Helping behavior.  Altruism

                              Cf. BF637.H4, Psychology

                              Cf. BJ1474, Ethics

                        Interpersonal attraction

      1151                General works

                          Sexual attraction, see HQ

      1161                Friendship

                              Cf. BF575.F66, Psychology

                              Cf. BJ1533.F8, Ethics

                              Cf. GN486.3, Ethnology

      1166              Interpersonal communication

                            Cf. HM1206, Attitude

      1171              Personal space.  Crowding stress

                            Cf. HV6177, Cause of crime

                      Social influence.  Social pressure

                          Cf. HM661, Social control

      1176              General works


      1181                General works

                          Attitude change

      1186                  General works

      1191                  Cognitive dissonance

                                Cf. BF337.C63, Psychology

      1196                  Persuasion

                                Cf. BF637.P4, Psychology

      1201                  Motivation

                                Cf. BF501+, Psychology

                          Communication.  Mass media

                              Cf. P87+, Communication (General)

                              Cf. HM1166, Interpersonal communication

      1206                  General works

      1211                  Intercultural communication

                                Cf. GN345.6, Ethnology

                                Cf. P94.6, General

      1216                Political correctness

                              Cf. BD175.5.P64, Epistemology

      1221              Public relations

                            Cf. HD59-HD59.6, Management

      1226              Publicity

      1231              Propaganda

                            Cf. P301.5.P73, Rhetoric and propaganda

      1236              Public opinion

                            For public opinion by place, see HN

      1241              Rumor

      1246            Conformity.  Compliance

      1251            Authority

                          Cf. BD209, Epistemology

                          Cf. BF637.A87, Psychology

      1256            Power

                          Cf. HM776, Community power

                          Cf. JC330, Political science

      1261            Leadership

                          Cf. BF637.L4, Psychology

                          Cf. BF723.L4, Child psychology

                          Cf. HD57.7, Management

                          Cf. HM781, Community leadership

                          Cf. JC330.3, Political theory

      1266            Liberty.  Freedom

                          Cf. JC585-JC599, Political theory

      1271            Multiculturalism.  Pluralism.  Toleration

                          Cf. BD175.5.M84, Epistemology

      1276            Individualism

                          Cf. B824, Philosophy

                          Cf. JC571, Political theory

      1281            Passive resistance.  Nonviolence